Neuromancer Concept Art

Daniel - Oct 27, 2007 - Literature Art

About a month ago I stumbled across a youtube video of some concept art for Neuromancer - I got in contact with the creator, and he sent me a load of the pics that he'd included. I've posted them up in my gallery. Thanks Sebastian Weigel - maybe they'll pick up on your work before they make the film; it's some inspired stuff.

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14_sammi_int01-1 40_straylight-ext case_key case_spacesuit case_desk_wifi 15_sprawlloft02b 00_chiba_sk 33_freeside_night 24_26_istanbul 01_chibacity_ninsei03 40_freesidemountain02 02_coffinpersp 3jane_01 18_metroholograficsext02 molly_eyesonly04 03_arcade 04_juliusdeanesoffice02 finn02 molly_leather 32_freeside_ext 07_chatsubo02 02_coffinhotel_int armitage 3jane02 07_chatsubo03 33_freesideinterconti_ext molly_spacesuit 03_arcade-1 00_chiba_skyline02 40_straylight-ext_front02 18_metroholografics02 07_chatsubo02-1 yonderboy_mikrosoft molly_streetdress 33_freeside-sky02 molly_belt ratz 02_coffinhotel_higherlevel 01_chibacity_sky02 molly_eveninggown ratz02 chiba_puff

Tom Payne

"He realized that the glasses were surgically inset, sealing her sockets. The silver lenses seemed to grow from smooth pale skin above her cheekbones..."

Sebastian's Molly looks like she has silver contacts. Fail.


Some pictures remind vaguely of Lukas Arts "Knights of the Old Republic" game art. All in all it doesn't look original. And I totally dislike Steppin Razor. I wonder if the artist ever read the book.


The set and scene- fantastic. The characters seem pretty mundane and boring.

I hated the book by the way. This is a pure classic case where movie will probably be superior to a book.


I agree with rasputin, on his first two sentences, anyway.


it all looks like generic sifi cant really see the book in this at all

Robert Peaslee

I loved the books, and I really enjoyed the illustrations.

Tom Payne was right though - her lenses were described differently than they were drawn above.

Other than that, I disagree that it looks like generic SciFi. The arena looks perfect, the characters were portrayed well, and other scenes like the incredible climb to gain entrance to the final scene are very evident. The illustrator gets a huge thumbs up from me for making everything stand out so well!


Needs moar Jamaican Cosmonauts.


Hi!You have forgotten the images of ZION , The consolle CYBERSPACE 7 , Spaceships and other images. Could you contact the creator? Thanks!


The Lado-Acheson beam on Freeside is perfect!


I thought the illustrations of cheap hotel and the chatsubo were brilliant. I think the artist did a great job overall especially since there hasnt been very much fanart.


I really like them, the ones of the bar, villa Straylight, and Julius Deane's office are pretty much spot on the way I imagined them. The close up of molly looks pretty good with regards to the lenses, although I pictured them more square. I agree with Drake though - def needs moar Jamaican cosmonauts!


artistic licence maybe?

Ian Thomas

What happened to your gallery? I would love to get a look at these images. Could you please put them back up or send them to me in a zip etc?


The bartender's not quite as hideous as I imagined, but otherwise it's pretty good art. gotta agree with with rasputin on character design, not exactly exactly futuristic.


3Jane should be more elegant and aristocratic in appearance. Otherwise, this is great stuff (especially the scenes)!


I understand he created this according to his ideas but... has he ever been in a Japanese coffin hotel? They are definitely not that spacious :)


Wow, most of these comments are total faggotry.

  1. This is some seriously sweet work. The artist obviously loves the book.

  2. The book won the triple crown for a reason. It's fucking brilliant.

  3. If you think the movie will do the book any justice at all, you must enjoy having sex with your dad.


Nice work. I'm reading the book again and always imagine the jules deane's officce like a small and cluttered place. But i loved this arts.


Love it


I pretty much agree with Whatever, it's great to be able to compare someone else's vision of things with your own. Great work.

Vlad the Impaler

Mate/Friend/"Artiste" :

What a talent! It's amazing to see this wonderful work and thank you so much for it.

I am so sick of this bullshit world where people can bag each other from behind a keyboard.

Hey shitheads : it doesn't have to be "right" you know - it's concept art you fucking losers.

If you want to criticize something, go look in mirror on your way to setting up your latest Facebook hate-group for pathetic turbo-nerds.

I wish it was still 1462 - see how critical you'd be with a stake up your arse.



Got to agree with the Glass Half Full folks here; this is some seriously good concept art. I should not agree with absolutely everything the guy drew (seeing as how I'm not him), but I can appreciate all of it.

<whimsical> Oh naysayers, when will you learn to just take things for what they are? </whimsical>

So what if he drew Molly different than you imagined her? Get out there and draw it, so we can see what you had in mind.

Although, if I were going to say anything approaching a complaint, it would be that I want to see more. Tell this cat to quit his job and get drawing. I need to be entertained! 24/7!



Yes, where are the jamaicans? Cheap Hotel is great. Chatsubo with more people and more filth.

Oh la la!



I'm reading the book right now want to get done b4 the movie


The art looks great- it differs in some points from my mental pictures, but thats a given for good books... they just take your imagination out for a spin.

Maybe you didn't know, but there was a Neuromancer graphical novel. It is out of print and can be read online here:

Stay on the edge!

S. Rossini

Thanks for the pictures! It helps get more inside story of book.


Great book, really nice illustrations...


Really nice work ! Some of your draws really looks like how i had imagined them when i read the book. This is amazing, i love your work. Thank you for this sweet moment !

PS : i dont care if there is some differences with the author's descriptions. We all have our own images in mind, so this is ok with your vision ;)

Please, give us more :)






Nice illustrations! Ratz and Cheap Hotel look almost exactly like I imagined them when I first read the book.

If you're taking requests...some drawings/paintings of the Rasta ship and crew would be awesome.


01_chibacity_ninsei03.jpg is not Chiba, it's Shinjuku. By the Studio Alta building. ^_^